Editor’s Comments

Ellen Ullman, Senior Editor

Cable in the Classroom and Threshold magazines

Emily Rogan is a treat to work with. She continually delivers well-researched, engaging, clean copy and makes sure she understands exactly what you want. As an editor, I am constantly looking for writers who make my job easier. Emily does that and more. She is a top-notch, skillful writer, and she’s a fun person too. I highly recommend her for any publication or assignment.

Claudia Gryvatz Copquin

Newsday’s Long Island Weddings

As the editor of Newsday’s Long Island Weddings, I worked with Emily on various feature stories. Her enthusiasm for the writing assignments, her willingness to go above and beyond and her superb research and writing skills made her a true pleasure to work with — an editor’s dream, in fact. I look forward to working with her again in the near future.

Liza N. Burby, Publisher/Editor

Long Island Parent magazine

Emily Rogan has worked with me for two publications, Newsday’s Parents & Children, and now Long Island Parent magazine. As a writer she understands completely what the reader most wants and needs to know. She brings her passion for her subject to her work, and she goes above and beyond to research her topic and get the results she needs for her articles. She is also great at generating ideas, an editor’s greatest wish list item. She’s a pleasure to work with.